about us

Today we have been able to create a niche for ourselves in the marketing communications business. This is primarily due to our keen interest in our client's business and our heightened sensitivity to his nees. This in-depth understanding allows us to present holistic solutions that are long-term and produce the desired results.

Another critical advantage for our clients is the fact that we are a one-stop for all communication needs. Our in-house support services manned by experienced professionals provide round-the-clock back up to our clients. This enable us to deliver superior quality, within a shorter deadline, at a justified cost.

This is the edge Caps Micrographics Pvt. Ltd. has over competitors. Ask our clients.



Caps Micrographics, a communication Solution Company, is a quality provider of marketing communications to a wide range of local and national clients in diverse categories.

We provide the entire game of services necessary to build our client's brands. From understanding our client's needs and expectations, to finally delivering a holistic solution which is relevant, effective and produces the desired results.

Our Fortes includes Market and Consumer Research, Strategic Planning, Creative Idea and Execution across media including New Media, Planning and Buying, Direct Marketing, Event Management and Scales Promotion.

To be able to provide and maintain a high quality for these services, we have passionately implemented a two point agenda. First, We have build a team of commited professionals and secondly, invested in a failsafe infrastructure of in-house support services like Digital pre-press, Digital Printing, Reprography, Glow Sign & Outdoor Services, Television / Radio Commercial and Multimedia..... And Exhibition Cell and New Media Cell.

Our Clients and the brands we work with speak for us today. With four offices within the city and a back-up of over hundred professional there is hardly marketing and communication challenge we cannot match up to.

After all, we are in the business of building other people's business. Yours.



⇒ Our main strength lies in our highly trained manpower with vast experience in latest technologies.
⇒ Our core phylosophy is to raise the thresholds of quality and service to never before heights.
⇒ Our round-the-clock working hours are effected for your convenience, just to make ourselves more accessible to you.
⇒ Our Main strength lies on our highly trained manpower with vast experience in latest technologies.
⇒ Elegant ambience and courteous staff make working with us an even greater pleasure.
⇒ Communication design / creative-team
⇒ In-house large print set-up (digital / offset / eco-solvent)
⇒ In-house display production facilities (prepress and post press facilities)
⇒ Qualified, Technical and experienced team.
⇒ Adequate additional talent pool of professionals (for specialised projects)
⇒ Strong nationwide vendor network (for turnkey projects)
⇒ Elegant ambience at the offices and workshops (convenient location at Kolkata)
⇒ Pan India Signage installation capabilities (reach and manpower)